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Carrot Rewards


Our school has started using Carrot Rewards as a great way of managing behaviour, motivating pupils and encouraging engagement.

We award our learners for key skills and achievements, allowing us to build a picture of how they are developing both academically and within the classroom environment.

We know a really important part of this process is to make sure parents are involved as much as possible and would love to share this information with you.

The good news is it is really simple for you to get involved using a free mobile app, as well as being able to access from any computer or tablet. 

Simply download the Carrot Rewards Parent Portal app found in the Android and iOS App Store.

Sign up to the parent portal using your Childs login. or Scan ME

When your child logs on for the first time, you will see the following screen.

This is all down to GDPR and new European Data Protection Rules. In order for your child to access their Carrot Reward account, you will need to complete this to give your consent. As a school we cannot do this on your behalf, but if you would like any help – do come in and see us and we will talk you through it!

We’re excited to launch this platform for our children and we hope that as parents you will also sign up so you can see all the rewards your children receive for their hard work in school!

We are part of the Voyage Education Partnership

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