Meet the staff at our school

Dr C Early – Head Teacher/Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs W Devine – Deputy Head Teacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs L Gough – Curriculum, Teaching & Learning Development Lead/Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs S Cannon – Administrator

Mrs K Cross – Administration Assistant

Miss L Stanley – Year 6 Class Teacher

Mrs D Gray – Year 5 Class Teacher/Maths Lead

Mr S Thompson – Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs V Pynn – Year 4 Class Teacher

Mr C Hollyoake – Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs B Purkiss – Year 2 Class Teacher/English Lead

Mr R Leggett – Year 1 Class Teacher

Miss E Tracey – EYFS Class Teacher

Miss B Thompson – EYFS Class Teacher

Miss S Wenninger – Teaching Assistant

Mrs C McCrae – Teaching Assistant

Mrs S East – Teaching Assistant

Mrs W Jargilo – Teaching Assistant

Miss K Simpson – Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Culpin – Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Dempsey – Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Ford – Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Beeby – Teaching Assistant/Breakfast Club and Lunchtime Support

Miss S Downes – Breakfast and After School Club Lead/Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs B Emery- Breakfast and After School Club Support

Mrs K Lazarewicz – Cleaning Operative

Dina Parla – Trust Safeguarding Lead