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Year 1 Trip to the Dinosaur Park!

Year 1 had a fantastic time on their trip to the Dinosaur Park. We spent the day exploring the park, hunting out dinosaurs and finding lots of fascinating facts about them! We also had the chance to dig for dinosaur fossils and found a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Plesiosaurus! We finished the day looking at some real life animals including bearded dragons and snakes! What a fantastic day!

Sycamore Class Trip to Flag Fen

Year 3 Sycamore class went to Flag Fen for their Tribal Tales topic this term. They looked at what life would have been like for a person living in the Stone Age and The Bronze Age. There were lots of activities such as making medicine from plants, building a wall from manure, straw, mud and clay, bread making and stone age rock art. They also enjoyed looking at boats and a bridge originally built over 3,000 years ago!