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Rowan Class Go Back In Time!

This term, Year 6 have been studying the topic ‘Revolution’. We have looked at all of the changes that were taking place during Queen Victoria’s reign and discussed how the lives of children have improved over the years. We spent some time pretending to be at school during the Victorian times- even getting to dress up! The children took pictures of themselves and used editing software to make it appear that the pictures had been taken long ago. They [...]

Year 3 and 4 football tournament!

On the 20th November, 10 boys from years 3 and 4 went to take part in Elite Sports Academy’s Football tournament. Despite it being a very cold and wet day, they all worked very hard to play their best and work well as a team. The afternoon’s games were split into a gold and silver cup depending on the results from the mornings games. The boys found themselves in the silver cup games and played extremely well, managing to [...]

Hawthorn Class Art and Music Fun!

Year 1 were extremely lucky to have a specialist Music Teacher come into school to teach the children all about different forms of Art. The children took part in a range of art based activity throughout the day including drawing portraits and learning to play the chime bars, concluding with a performance at the end of the day to the Year 2 children. The children had a fantastic day and have achieved their Arts Award Discovery certificates! Well done [...]

Hawthorn Class Trip to Whisby Nature Park!

Year One have had a fantastic term looking at the topic Enchanted Woodland. As part of our topic, we were lucky enough to go to Whisby Nature Park to their very own Enchanted Wood. The Hawthorn Class had a fantastic day searching for Stumpy the Wood Elf and making their very own fairy houses.