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Memory Box

This term in Year 1 our topic has been ‘Memory Box’ we have found out lots about each others memories and looked back at how school life has changed and our local area. To help us talk about the past and how we have grown and changed we brought in items from when we were younger and talked about why we don’t need or use them anymore. In Geography we went on a walk around the local area to [...]

World Book Day

Children were invited to join the fun at school on World Book Day earlier this month. They dressed as their favourite character from their favourite book, to promote our love for reading. To kick start the day we had an assembly finding out all about our Author of the term, Roald Dahl. The children were then set a challenge to make up their own story using The Story Maker online. Children then completed various activities within their classrooms, including word [...]

Why can’t I have chocolate for breakfast?

In foundation stage, the pupils have been thinking about food, in particular where different foods come from, foods that are healthy and unhealthy for them and what happens to food when it gets old. As part of our engage week to introduce the new topic, the children made their very own pizzas! They chose their favourite topping, wrote it down on an order form and then the best part…ate it later on! To complete the topic they had a very [...]